Tuesday, April 17, 2012


"Just wishin' and hopin' and thinkin' and prayin'..."  That was about all we could do once I woke up from the LVAD surgery.  I was obviously confined to the bed, so thankfully I had a lot of family and friends who visited.  Even some I didn't know.  

Uncle Charlie

Gramps doing what he did best.

A lady that worked at the hospital made me this really bright blanket.  She was very sweet. 

This is called the shuttle chair and boy was it painful!  Dr Wang wanted to try this out so I could somewhat sit up and get moving a little. There are pillows under each arm, under my butt, behind my back and one for my neck/head because I was so thin and weak it was very uncomfortable.  Dr. Wang wouldn't let anyone move me to this chair until he was in the room so he could could control the chair.  He would adjust it to where it was completely flat along side of my bed and all at once the four nurses would say "One, two, three, go".  Two would lift me up using the bed sheets and scoot me into the chair, one was making sure my neck ports were moving along with me and not getting caught in anything, and the last was adjusting the LVAD tubes and catheter as my body moved. Yikes. Can you say teamwork?  Then Dr. Wang would use a handheld controller to adjust the chair into a (somewhat) sitting position.  

Each day he would try and get me to sit longer and each day I did not look forward to this.  By the end of the hour or two of sitting in it I could not wait to see his face so everyone could get me comfortable in bed again.  Just leave me alone and let me lay in bed!!!


Some of the special cards and notes that were sent.

David, my nurse, was incredible!  He usually gave me a bed bath each night and this time he asked if there was anything else he could do.  Wishing.. "Is there any way we could wash my hair?"  He came up with the most fabulous idea that worked perfectly with momma's help. And afterwards I. Felt. Amazing. 

Now this is the life.  People at your beck and call and rubbing your feet.  :)

The view from my room.  I never did see it with my eyes.

Friday, April 16, 2010. 
We are watching the prayer vigil my friends held for me.  This day was difficult.  Breathing was extremely hard.  My oxygen cannula was replaced with this larger breathing mask.  So thankful for the prayers everyone was praying during those very moments.  Two years ago right now....

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