Monday, January 9, 2012

Here's to 2012!

The last two years have been the best two of my life!!  I am thankful how God has guided me through it all.  I pray 2012 will be a great one, however I don’t think anything can top the ups and downs of the last two years.  I am so blessed.  As writing this I can't help but mention that most of these things have a ton to do with my parents.  They were there for me through everything. The last two years at home were the best and I am so glad I had those before I moved out.  
Went through the most amazing life experience and received a perfect heart 
A really good friend passed away
Started the journey of regaining muscle at cardiac rehab (91 pounds)
Blood clots are all gone.  No more daily shots.
Went to KC to visit a cousin and unknowingly met my future husband
Graduated rehab and reached my goal of “3 digits”! (100 pounds)
Dealing with emotional side effect of hair loss
Started dating a boy :)
Enjoyed the holidays with a new and healthy heart, but completely aching for my donor family. 

Spokesperson for the 2011 Go Red for Women Luncheon
Hair finally started growing back 
Went back to work after a 15 month hiatus
Threw a party to celebrate my 1 year heart birthday!
Went to the ocean with mom, dad, and Nathan to celebrate life
Grandpa passed away after a long and wonderful journey
Engaged to the love of my life!
Grandaddy passed away after a beautiful and amazing life 
Moved to Nashville, TN
Married my very best friend on a beautiful October day
Enjoyed Thanksgiving and Christmas as a newlywed and even able to see both families for both holidays

Here's to 2012!!! (I pray):
A job I love and provides great health insurance
More work for Nathan
Send a letter to my donor family
Find a core group of friends like I had in St. Louis
Move into “our” first place
Be more dedicated to working out
Have all of my hair back to normal!
Hear back from my donor family

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