Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Birthday, mom!

My mom is the most amazing mom I could have ever asked for! I really was blessed with two great parents! Sometimes I really feel I am a momma’s girl, but sometimes I feel I am a daddy’s girl. Is it okay to be both? I think so.

When I was very young my brother and I had half days at school. She would pick us up from school each day and quite often we would stop by the gas station to get a slurpee. Jason and I were always excited about this because not only were they super good, but it pushed off naptime just that much further! Mom would sometimes take us to the park to play, or set up sprinklers in the backyard to run around in before we had to do homework or take a nap.

Mom would take us back-to-school clothes shopping, which I enjoyed so much! She would buy us what we needed and then we would put on a fashion show when we got home. I remember each Easter time searching from store to store looking for the perfect Easter dress. No wonder I still love shopping!

When we lived in Texas we lived down a long straight street. Many times on the way home she would start moving the steering wheel back and forth, back and forth realllllly fast. We would be shaking all over the place and almost peeing in our pants from laughing hysterically! Sometimes Jason and I would beg mom to stop the van so we could get out. Mom yelled, “On your mark, get set, GO!” and Jason and I were off. We would run as fast as we could towards our house as mom ‘raced’ us home in the van. She had the windows down and was cheering us on the whole time!

Mom was the person I could always go to when I really needed to talk. I have told her more things than I have my best friends. She always gave the greatest advice because she really had MY best interest in mind. Sometimes it was harsh, but it was what I needed to hear. Mom would know and still knows when something is bothering me. She can just tell by the way I am acting or by the way I am not acting a certain way. She doesn’t ignore it. She simply asks if I am okay or sometimes she just gives me a hug. She always knows exactly what I need.

She is very supportive. She was probably at every volleyball, basketball and soccer game I ever played. As I was playing I would hear her screaming “Thaaaaaat’s MY baby!” after a great play, save, shot, steal, etc. I was never embarrassed :)

Mom is the best caregiver I have ever known. When I was diagnosed with miocarditis in tenth grade she was by my side every second. I finally was able to start school half days again and she would pick me up, drop me off, gather missed homework, arrange my pill schedule... She did everything to make sure I was okay and that I was completely comfortable.

I am truly my mother’s daughter. That is one reason I think daddy will be so sad when I finally move out! Mom and I can look at each other and just grin because we are thinking the same thing. We hear a song and burst into singing at the exact same time. Sometimes we can’t even finish because we are laughing so hard. She will walk past me belting out a song, and then I belt out the next line, and then her…and then me. Dad will just look at us. Who knows what he is thinking?! I won’t explain it here for all to read, but we have this ‘specific’ type of voice that we love to talk like. We will carry on complete conversations this way, smiling the whole time. Dad can’t help but laugh. Sometimes I burst out with what I think is a hilarious “one-liner” and usually end up laughing before anyone else. I can always count on my mom to join in!

We can laugh, we can cry, we can pray, we can talk in our ‘specific’ voices, we can dance, and we can work out. We can do anything together and have fun. She is one of my very best friends. Someone I can always count on…for anything.

I believe we became much closer over the past year and a half. How could we not when we spent almost every moment of the day together? When I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure she was by my side through everything. She held me and would spoon with me on the couch during the day. She would take a break from work and watch a movie with me all cuddled up in quilts with the fire going. If I was feeling good enough to go out she would take me to Target even when it was usually for only 20 minutes. She cleaned up after me every time I vomited. She helped bathe me. She washed my hair in the kitchen sink like I was her baby again. She would cry with me, when I just needed to let it out. She made sure I had some type of nourishment even if I would only take a bite or two. She tucked me in every night at home and at the hospital. Almost every night she slept in the recliner chair next to me so I would not be left alone. She was my roommate for over a month, and I’ll tell you she was the best roommate ever! She tended to my every need and most of the time anticipated.

When I was able to go home she continued to tuck me in each night. She brought me breakfast, lunch and dinner (My appetite was back!!). She still helped me take showers because I was too weak to stand the whole time or do others things. We went for quick trips when I had some energy and she was by my side during each follow up doctor visit and day long biopsies. She did so much more that I cannot even explain, but she was there for me through everything.

After all this time spent together and being roomies for so long, she is definitely my best friend. I can tell her anything. I really wouldn't be the person I am today without her. She has taught me to trust in the Lord through anything. She always thought to pray first before calling the doctor or worrying. She is the most amazing woman I know. I love her so. Happy Birthday, mom!

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  1. melissa hays- herringerApril 19, 2011 at 8:04 PM

    Beautiful tribute to ur mommy! Such a good mom! Thanks for sharing!