Thursday, January 20, 2011

No Opportunity Wasted...

I feel as if sometimes living life steals our passion. I believe we all have hopes and dreams. We all have fantasies and wishes, but at times those things can be pushed so far into the future we forget what we are living for right now. We get so caught up in the grind of life and everyday living that we place more of our effort into the simplicities and the tasks that everyday life can bring. The sad thing is we don’t even realize it.

By the time we take a step back and focus in on our lives we find that we have pushed our fantasies to the back burner. We are living this thing we call “real life” where we are very much alive, but part of what we are living for (our dreams) are dead. We are thinking about what our dreams used to be. We are going through the everyday motions of routine activities while our emotional hearts are aching and striving for some different type of fulfillment.

Our fantasies quickly die down to only wishful thinking. Our wishes are defined has only hopes and before we know it our dreams are dead. We are going through the actions of our everyday life and have no true purpose in life. We have nothing worth living for, nothing worth dying for. I wish this was different.

I am trying my hardest to live life differently now. I have had a real second chance at life. Less than a year ago I was knocking on death’s door. I live today more thankful than I could have ever been before. I was always grateful for my life, but now it has a different meaning. I live because God saved me. I live because of the wisdom of doctors. I live because of the generosity of a family I don’t even know.

I don’t want to live life without dreams and fantasies. I don’t want to live each day without hopes and wishes. Just like Phil Keoghan says, I want to live each day in the NOW (No Opportunity Wasted).

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