Saturday, December 25, 2010


Last Christmas was beginning to start the same. Kyle, Mandi and Kinsley were on their way over. Jason and Dani had already arrived. Granddad was reading in the living room and Nana was helping mom in the kitchen. Dad was making his signature stuffed French toast. Everything was as it always was. I, on the other hand, did not feel normal. I was struggling to breathe.

This hadn’t happened for a while because after being home from the hospital they had adjusted my medications and given me new ones. They were helping me, but now my body was retaining fluid, which made breathing difficult. I didn’t want to ruin anyone’s Christmas or put a dimmer on people’s moods so I did not tell anyone of how I felt. I tried acting as healthy as possible and went on with the routine activities that this special day normally brings.

At the end of the day I was sitting in my favorite recliner chair. Nana and Granddad were headed to bed, as well as mom and dad. They stopped by my chair to wish me sweet dreams and to see if I had everything I needed. They noticed I was extra quiet and asked if everything was okay. I finally told them what I had kept secret all day. My parents and my grandparents gathered around me, stretched out their hands and touched me. They prayed for me. They cried with me and then tucked me in bed.

Stone 4 – 1/1/10: Holidays
I was able to enjoy Christmas with family and NYE with my best girls from the Ritz. Today I went shopping with mom and her friend. I outdid them. Sometimes I wonder how I have great days like this when my heart is only pumping at 8-10%. Thankful today.

What a different Christmas it was last year, but what a thankful one I have this year! This Christmas I am NOT short of breath. I am bouncing with energy and enjoying each moment that I am given. Life is truly a blessing and I cannot help but think how far I have come in just one year. I sit back in awe sometimes just thinking how God has worked in my life. I even sit back in awe reminiscing about my family and friends. I am amazed that my family always deemed it necessary to stop whatever was going on to pray for me. They did this several times and even if I didn’t feel better afterwards, 'it was the thought that counts'. They stopped and prayed. That Christmas night I still went to bed short of breath, but I was more comforted by the fact that my family cared. I woke up feeling great, and did not have another rough day until a few days into January.

Thanks family, for making last Christmas just as special as this one. I am truly blessed.

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  1. I love you megan!! thank you for sharing this