Friday, August 6, 2010

Take your steps in life with Him...

Life is so short. I realize that more now than ever. I am so very thankful for each breath I breathe, for each new day I wake up and especially for the little things in life. We are never promised tomorrow so let us not worry. Let us live for today.

Jesus wants us to sit quietly in His presence. Psalms 37:7 states “Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him…” Sometimes it is hard to be patient when you want answers right now, believe me I know. However the answer He is going to give you will not only be exactly what you needed but will be in perfect timing. We may not want it the way He answered or we may not recognize that He did answer, but I am positive you will notice it later and be thankful He answered your prayers the way He chose to.

Rest in the Lord! Sit quietly in His presence. Make your mind still and calm so you can be ready to receive what He wants to tell you. Do not worry about tomorrow. Walk with Jesus today, and let Him guide your steps. Communicate with Him and let Him be your closest friend. Jesus is our guide and He knows our steps before we take them. Stand firm in Him and let Him guide you…all the way to Heaven.

Often times we worry we will wander off onto the wrong road. However, I believe if we stay close to Him we won’t get off course. Jesus is the way so staying close to Him is being on the right course. Don’t worry what is going on around you and what is around the next corner. We need to focus on being in His presence and being in step and in tune with Him. He will not guide us down the wrong road or the wrong course in life.

Life is short. Why not make choose to make it restful and better by knowing you are taking each step in life with Jesus?


  1. "From Jonathan Sadowski using my dads account,"
    Wow those words tryly spoke to me... i can relate to the words that are beibg said here

  2. wow... that is very encouraging to hear... thank you for posting this, megan... it means more to others than you know

  3. AWESOME! ....seems that is all I ever say in response to what you write! :)