Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I asked and He answered!

I am sitting here reading my journal from my junior year of high school, and am amazed at how God answered my prayers! Reading these entries truly encouraged me and made me realize even more how awesome God is. He answered my prayers exactly how I wanted. I didn’t ask to be healed through a transplant, but I did ask that He would get all the glory and that He would use me!

Journal entry on 1/5/03:
My dear God please, I beg and ask of You, please heal me. You know how much pain and agony this sickness has put on my life and my families lives. So much time and money has been spent and used on this. Please give me back my healthy heart so I can continue to play sports during my teenage years. Dear Jesus, if You heal me I will give You all the praise and honor and glory. It’s all Yours! This will give me an awesome testimony to tell people that my God still today works miracles. And that you can grow through trials and tribulations. I love you Jesus, and I also ask that You please make me the light for You that I have always wanted to be. Not like a night light, but a forest fire for You, Jesus! Let my light of Yours show through me and bring others to You! Let them want what I have! Let me to never stop growing and feel satisfied. Let me be greedy and want more and more of You. I love you Jesus, please work in my life. Bless me and my family.
Growing through You,

Journal entry on 1/7/03:
Dear God,
Heal me! Please my Lord Jesus I ask of You just heal me! I know you want your children to be healthy and active. Heal me and I’ll give You all the glory and honor and praise. You are the God of miracles so touch my heart and heal it. Work a miracle in my life. Let my doctors see that it couldn’t have been done with medicine, but only You! Let them see You through me and let me be a witness through my words and actions. God please just heal me for it will be an awesome testimony for me to tell others about You and how my God works! If you don’t I might not understand, but I will still be positive and love and trust You through it all.
Your girl,

Journal entry on 1/14/03:
Dear Jesus,
I know You know, but I went to the doctor today for my heart. Well You know what the doctor said and You know what I begged and prayed. Well, the outcome isn’t what I wanted at all but that means there are just bigger and better things for me out there! Thank you Jesus! I still will praise your name even if it wasn’t what I wanted. I love You and I worship You for all of my days. Take my life and take full control. I want what You want! Show me the bigger and better things You have for me!
Bless me and enlarge my borders.

I asked and He answered! He pushed me to the brink of death so He would be the one to receive credit! He used me and is using me in ways I could not even imagine. He blessed me and my family. He worked in my life. He healed me!!!! Thank you, Father! I give YOU all the honor, the praise and the glory! I commit to You. "Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed." Proverbs 16:3


  1. This was so good Megaboo! I was feeling kind of down before I read this, but now I feel much better! The ending reminded me of our talk the last time I was over your place, we were sitting looking at your pics on your lap top. You are an amazing young woman of God and some dude out there is gonna be truly blessed. Thanks for lifting my soul and reminding me of how great and wonderful our God is.

  2. Hey Megan~ I know you don't know me, but I've heard a lot about you and your struggles (and victories!) through my cousin Hanna (Dodd/Snider). Just letting you know that your story has really inspired me. It is because of stories like yours that I have registered as an organ donor. Thank you for reminding me of how I can bless other people in life and death. You're amazing!

  3. Wow Megan! What an amazing testimony you have of God's power and might! I am continually strengthened by you each day your devotion to God through all of this! Keep praising him and he will continue to use you! Thank you for being a wonderful example of Christ's light! It is so easily seen through you! :)