Saturday, July 10, 2010

Your request is my demand...

I started journaling during my high school days. There were many months of absence where there were no journal entries. Not sure if I was too busy, or just simply tired of journaling for the time being. Whatever the reason, I have become faithful in writing again. I find it incredibly powerful to look back through my old journals and see my thoughts, prayers to God, questions and so much more. Not only is some of it amusing as to what I was thinking when I was a teenager, but sometimes I see prayers were answered that I had not really realized or noticed. Obviously God didn’t answer them in MY time, or I would have known. He answered them in HIS time, and His time is always on time.

Recently many people have suggested that I start a blog to let out my feelings. I told these individuals that I already journal, so there is no reason. They argued the point that other people may want to read my thoughts or feelings. I wondered why, but after contemplating it I feel that I should, even if this blog is just for those certain individuals that inquired. So here you go. This is my wide-open journal.


  1. Although the past few months have been difficult, this experience has drawn me closer to you and I love it. I love our walks, our alone times, and I especially love it when you share your memories and feelings of the past few months. I am excited and anxious to see what God has for your life now. Keep your eyes on Jesus and He will lead and give confidence each step of the way. Love you, Daddy

  2. Hi Meg! You and your momma and daddy have been an inspiration to me and many others. I can't wait to see what else God has in store for you! And...yeah for high heels!! :o)
    Your 2nd cousin, Pammy

  3. I don't think I have seen you since you were in 5th or 6th grade. Your mom and I have kept up with emails through the years, but not really on a frequent, personal basis. When I got word about your condition I felt so paniced (not sure how to spell that) for you and your family. I wanted so much to be there and hold your mom's hand and pray with her. Long story short. My prayer life took on a whole different mindset. It was the only thing I could do for you and your family. It made me fell closer to ya'll and in the process I grew closer to the Lord. I am so thankful that His miracle is still continuing in you. Jr. says a movie needs to be made about your whole ordeal. So many people have already been touched by your story.....wonder how many more still will be.

    Love you,
    Terry Houchin