Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What will that day be like?

This entry was written later in February. This week was difficult because I could not stop thinking about the precious family who will choose to donate their loved one’s organs, even in their despair of losing a child, a sister, a brother, a friend…

February 2010

Still waiting at home for a donor heart, and I often think about the day I will get the call. What will I be doing at the exact moment? I begin to wonder if anyone will be around, but I know at least someone will considering my parents opted on never leaving me alone again, “Just in case”. Will we have a celebratory dance in the middle of the living room, where so often I have tried to teach them the electric slide or show daddy how simple the father/daughter dance really is? Will we rush out of the house forgetting many things? Or will we take our time packing, and probably still forget many things because we are too focused on the excitement of the news? Will we be laughing and sharing tears of joy, or will it be a quiet moment in thankfulness, shared with worry of the thought of “What is next?” I don’t know the answers to these questions, but I soon want to find out! I am ready for a strong heart and healthy life. I have always been a ready to go girl and very outgoing, but with a new and improved heart I will be unstoppable! Better watch out world...Here I come!

Still praying each night for the future donor’s family, and wishing that someone did not have to die in order to save my life. All at the same thinking back on how our innocent Jesus died for all of us to save our lives. He was a donor, and saved our spiritual hearts. Now I pray asking Him to save my physical heart. I pray that the future donor will be drawn close to the Lord during this time. Praying the donor is a believer so that he/she may be in a better place in the end. I am praying for the donor family. I ask God to give them peace and serenity about their situation to donate even during their dark hours of losing a loved one. Still hoping and knowing that God could really heal MY heart, if He chooses to do so. Whatever the decision, I want His will be done. Come what may.


  1. Your story adds an entirely unique dynamic to the redemption story of Christ. Wow.

  2. May I share a verse with you? I read this verse the night I found out I was sick and it has stuck with me till this day and I know it will still speak to me 30 years from now. Psamls 73:26 "My flesh and my heart may fail, but the Lord is the strength of my heart and my portion forever." And also remember that its not "someone is died SO I can live," but it's "Someone died and BECAUSE of that I am able to live." God is going to take that person weither they save your life or not. I will be praying for the donor family too. I know that is a hard thought to think about. :)

  3. Thanks Ang. I actually was reading my dad's blog the other day, and came across your comment or someones comment from your blog. You left me that verse, and I love it! That is why I ventured to your blog, and then found your amazing testimony. You have one awesome story. I love when doctors are shocked because of test results not being really the way the are suppose to be! In their eyes, your heart should not have been okay, but we serve a healing God!...The Great Phsycian!